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Feetfirst Hay Product Description and Prices (1 December 2017)

All Feetfirst Hay is made by us from our unique mix of traditional grasses. It is top quality hay suitable for all horses and ponies. Every lot has been fully analysed and is always under 10% combined sugar (ESC) and starch, so it is ideal for good doers, box rest or reduced exercise situations or where top quality low sugar and starch forage is required for weight control, management of EMS, laminitis, gastric ulcers and behaviour issues.
The consistency and reliability of Feetfirst Hay takes the uncertainty out of forage selection. There are various lots currently available and these guidance notes will help you choose the most appropriate one for your circumstances.

Feetfirst Hay Lot 5/2017/A
New season hay. Strong Timothy content. An excellent low sugar and starch forage with higher energy and protein.
• Low sugar (6.6%)
• Low starch (0.9%)
• Very low iron (43 mg/kg)
• Low potassium (1.64%)
• Protein 7.8%
• Highest energy (9.16Mj/kg)

Price £5.90 per bale

Feetfirst Hay Lot 5/2017/B
New season hay. Light Timothy content. Very low iron and potassium levels, so the best choice where mineral balance is a concern.
• Low sugar (7.2%)
• Low starch (1.4%)
• Lowest iron (34 mg/kg)
• Lowest potassium (1.14%)
• Protein 5.9%
• Medium High energy (8.61Mj/kg)

Price £4.50 per bale

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